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Increasing Superoxide Dismutase


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Superoxide Dismutase [SOD] Delivery System

The dangerous superoxide anion

  • Superoxide is the anion O2
  • It is used by the immune system to kill invading microorganisms
  • It is also produced in day-to-day metabolism as a by- product of the body's need for energy.
  • Superoxide is highly toxic and from this one reactive oxygen species, numerous other toxic compounds can be generated such as the hydroxyl free-radical [OH], peroxynitrite [ONOO−]  and hydrogen peroxide [H2O2].
  • Without Superoxide Dismutase and enzyme designed to neutralize the superoxide anion, this molecule can cause immense damage at the cellular and molecular level.
  • Superoxide dismutase is a vital antioxidant defence in nearly all cells exposed to oxygen - there are rare exceptions such as Lactobacillus plantarum and related lactobacilli,  these organisms use a different mechanism to neutralize the superoxide anion O2.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)

  • It was noticed around the 1980's that some melons had shelf lives of around 15 days --- this was 3 - 4 times the shelf lives of other melons [cantaloupes].
  • Extensive research was then undertaken to find out the mechanism behind these non-rotting melons. 
  • What was found was that the melons that aged far less had much higher levels of SOD and catalase.
  • Increasing SOD in the human body has been the holy grail for researchers over 40 years --- the problem has been that SOD itself is easily broken down in the stomach and so a mechanism to protect the SOD as it passed through the stomach to the small intestine was needed.
  • The answer was to bind the SOD from these melons to a protein from wheat called gliadin a protein resistant to acid digestion. 

SOD and Longevity

  • Humans produce an average of 90 micrograms per milliliter (mcg/ml) of SOD and live an average of nearly 80 years.
  • Chimpanzees, produce 40 mcg/ml of SOD and on average live 40 years.
  • Fruit flies have been genetically engineered to double their SOD levels than normal and research has shown these flies live twice as long as ordinary fruit flies.
  • Research strongly suggests that SOD is a primary determinant of longevity in mammals96,97

Synergy with EnduracellTM

  • GliSODin and Enduracell [Sulforaphane from Whole Broccoli Sprout Concentrate] work in synergy with each other. The increased superoxide dismutase [SOD] enzyme produced from GliSODin mops up reactive oxygen species [ROS] and the Enduracell [Sulforaphane] powerfully induces liver Phase II biotransformation enzymes98,99 allowing this Phase II part of changing dangerous compounds in the liver to harmful ones, to keep pace with the liver's Phase I component [the Cytochrome P450 system]. If Phase II was sluggish, intermediate compounds produced by Phase I reactions [often more dangerous than the original compound], will accumulate to damage cells and tissues increasing your risk for chronic disease, inflammation and cancer.
  • Please view the following QuickGuide: Sulforaphane

What you should know

  • A very small amount of gliadin is found in each capsule and this is said to be the amount that would be found in a breadcrumb.
  • However, individuals with coeliac disease may still not be able to tolerate GliSODin
  • Individuals with gluten intolerance may be able to as this is usually dose dependent and this small amount may not be a problem.


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The starting point for reactive oxygen species [ROS] generation

• Superoxide dismutase [SOD] has been dubbed the “enzyme of life” when it was discovered in 1968
• It is the first antioxidant mobilized by cells as a defensive mechanism against oxidative stress
• SOD reacts with superoxide O2− to form hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]. Hydrogen peroxide is then catalyzed further to oxygen and water by Glutathione peroxidase and catalase.
• Products such as GliSODin have been created to help increase SOD levels in the body



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