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It is an undeniable fact that nutrition good or bad can profoundly affect your health one way or the other. Dietary management of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even the predisposition to many cancers should be first and foremost in the minds of both the individual and his or her doctor. It is a pity however that medications are resorted to in the first place instead of tackling the underlying nutritional cause of these chronic conditions.

Dietary management and optimization should be the absolute foundation of any medical or surgical intervention.

The NutriDesk Diets

Discussing dietary interventions can be difficult for a doctor [general practitioner or specialist] as this is fast becoming a specialized field especially so with the rapidly emerging discipline of nutrigenomics the study of which is to ultimately match nutritional interventions to genetic risk factors.

NutriDesk makes this task that much easier for GPs and Specialists to add diet and nutritional support to a treatment program.

It is vital that you discuss all dietary interventions with your general practitioner or specialist as they have unique medical insights that will be of benefit to you. They will be able to assess what may or may not be right for your special clinical circumstance.

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  • The 'Info' button provides the answers and references to questions posed in the diet overview.
  • The other buttons provide information as shown that are specific to each diet providing you with a great insight into the dietary management of clinical problems.

Optimal Nutrition Core

Rest assured that optimal dietary guidelines are at the core of every diet. The diets differ in the type of macronutrient, micronutrient, nutraceutical, special food or functional food that has been shown to offer an advantage for a particular medical condition. The preview above gives a glimpse of how easy it will be to follow the diet. Purchasing a particular diet will unlock the depth of knowledge within each diet.  

Highly affordable & detailed diets that are easy to find as 1 - 2 - 3:  

  1. Simply use the search box below to find a diet or choose a diet by category using the green search pane on the left.
  2. Study the description of a diet and discuss it with your doctor. Guides for doctors are available in each diet's description.
  3. Purchase by PayPal - Your secure way to buy a diet.

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