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Fantastic Four Resistance Exercises

Fantastic Four Resistance Exercise

Train to exhaustion

To summarize: Do a warm-up of the muscle group but only 1 'serious-set' to exhaustion

  • Do a full-body warm up on a treadmill, stepper or a rowing machine--- for say 10 minutes. First 5 minutes low-medium pace and last 5 minutes at a higher pace that is comfortable for you. You should have a sweat on your brow at the end of this warm-up.
  • The fantastic-four is a free-weight training routine
  • Warm up the muscle group you are going to exercise with a light and very comfortable weight that is very easy to lift. Do 20-30 reps for all the reasons mentioned above.
  • Next increase the weight to enable you to reach exhaustion withing 90 seconds to prevent the Type-1's and lower intermediate muscle fibres 'kicking-in' again. Then move onto your next exercicse.
  • Remember, you will only do 1 serious rep to exhaustion per muscle group and then rest this group for the rest of the week.

The Fantastic Four Resistance Exercises: click to see the benefits

  1. The Squat
  2. The Clean & Press
  3. The Bench Press
  4. The Squat

Suitable for

  • The beginner - a trainer's input is advised
  • Anyone wanting to decrease body fat percentage
  • Body-tone or body-sculpt
  • Build strength
  • Maintain muscle mass through life

The Clean and Press

  • You will need to move a bar weight from the floor to the final position overhead with arms stretched.
  • This is one compound movement that essentially works virtually all of the major muscle groups from your legs to your arms, chest and shoulders.
  • It is a relatively fast movement calling into play your powerful fast-twitch muscle fibres.
  • This exercise is more technical that most but well worth the effort.


  • You may find this the most challenging as it calls into play your body's biggest muscle groups in the thighs and hips.
  • It is a difficult exercise and one avoided by many but well worth the effort because of the huge muscles called into play.
  • Remember, the bigger the muscles, the more exergy is expended and you can enjoy more of the after-burn where calories are being expended just lying in bed sleeping.
  • Remember these large leg muscles have shown great promise with diabetics and blood sugar control and whether there is something special about these muscle or simply because they are so big that they can produce a lot more muscle after exercise and GLUT4 insulin receptors to 'suck' up all that sugar muscle needs to stay alive.

The Bench Press

  • The Bench Press is the premier upper body training tool.
  • Regarded by many trainers as the single best movement for upper body musculature

The Deadlift

  • The deadlift is a relative easy movement but requires good form. Start off with a light weight and seek the advice of a trainer if you have back problems.

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