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The emerging science of Nutrigenomics

What was science fiction only a short-time ago is now reality. Genomics and in particular, nutrigenomics, my area of interest, is now here enabling you to get an amazing insight into the genetic ‘ticking time bombs’ residing in your DNA. Still in its infancy, this area of medicine is the future of highly specific treatment and the Holy Grail of personalized medicine. The paradox that we all seem so similar and yet are highly unique individuals at the genetic and molecular level, makes personalized medicine all that more powerful as we are tailoring treatment to the individual and doing away with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model that can have devastating consequences.
Nutrigenomics is the study of how genetic polymorphisms (mutations in DNA) determine how diet and nutrients affect an individual long-term. An overview of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs - pronounced Snips) can be found here: SNPs

The study of your genes may shed light on some paradoxes that you may be unaware of that could be affecting your health simply because you are adopting generic recommendations. It may be a surprise to know that some individuals may need a higher fat intake to live a long life whereas others may need a low-fat solution or that polyunsaturated oils such as olive oil or fish oils may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and need to be limited in some people who carry certain genetic variants.

The study of your DNA also helps us fine-tune exercise and here is an interesting paradox in exercise where some individuals who lift heavy weights may actually increase their body fat levels and require a different approach whereas others respond well to a high-intensity or high-rep approach. The latest trend in diet or exercise may have no relevance to you personally as your genes will determine if this is the case.

Dr Rodney Lopez is first and foremost a board certified medical practitioner with post-graduate qualifications in clinical nutrition who can guide you through this complicated and yet exciting maze to address current and future risk.

This approach is for an individual who wants a big-picture assessment of their health risks by someone with medical qualifications from a world renowned medical school who has the skills and experience to know what is and is not significant in a medical sense. 

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