Heart Health

The emerging science of Nutrigenomics

Heart disease in 2013 was the leading cause of death in Australia.
It is indeed a leading cause of death worldwide. 

There are numerous factors that can lead to vascular disease and this is an area that should never be managed by anyone not qualified to do so as the results can be devastating from heart attacks to strokes to peripheral vascular disease and premature death.

This requires a detailed medical approach that includes a genetic analysis to a complete blood assessment or a Cardiologist’s work-up to look for those hidden risk factors. This is not about proving that diet or exercise is superior to orthodox medicine as this is foolish in the extreme. It is about using any or all approaches in an integrative way whether this is lifestyle interventions, supplementation or pharmacological or surgical interventions to help an individual change their destiny.

Pre-diabetes (insulin resistance) is rife in the Australian community and sadly very much ignored in General Practice with dire vascular consequences. Many GP’s simply label this as ‘mild diabetes’ and then pat the patient on the back allowing them to suffer the vascular consequences 10 – 15 years after that pat on the back. Diabetes itself is also not recognized in vast numbers.

If you have abnormal blood lipids or even if they are normal but you have a strong family history of heart and vascular disease, a new test can determine if you have dangerous lipid subfractions such as small dense LDL (sdLDL) or oxidized LDL and this lipid profile together with genetic studies can truly tailor a strategy to you as a unique individual. LDL is the ‘bad’ guy behind a lot of vascular disease.

You will have a detailed genetic assessment to look for those mutations that put you at great risk but knowing this, you can take measures to offset these genetic aberrations.

This approach is for an individual who wants a big-picture assessment of their health risks by someone with medical qualifications from a world renowned medical school who has the skills and experience to know what is and is not significant in a medical sense. 

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