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I now have over 30 years of experience in general practice. As an IBS sufferer who simply got no meaningful help from his peers in this regard, I began my journey into nutritional studies to find an answer. Medical practitioners are not immune to disease states and it would be wonderful if that medical degree was some kind of magical shield we could wave in front of diseases to avoid illness but alas, this is not the case.

My pursuit of nutritional knowledge has given me some amazing insights and 10 years ago I was regarded as a quack by my peers for talking about omega-3’s or probiotics or intestinal permeability as a possible cause of autoimmunity or even gluten sensitivity, but my faith in what I was seeing as emerging scientific truth and my doggedness in sticking to my guns and not being influenced by those with closed minds around me in my profession, meant that I can now walk with my head held high as these concepts are now becoming absolutely mainstream and where any doctor who doesn’t believe in these evidence-based truths is now the quack on the outside .

I hold no grudges though, as the history of medicine is riddled with unbelievable stories of ignorance of new concepts presented from luminaries like Lister to Pasteur and the new visionaries and mavericks like Prof Abraham Morgentaler from Harvard and his research on testosterone and prostate cancer. The sweet revenge I suppose is that their names live in posterity as legendary medical figures through history.

In saying this, I am truly humbled by the giants of science that propel us forward and we owe a great deal of debt to the genomics pioneers Francis Collins and Craig Venter who both mapped the human genome who themselves also stood on the shoulders of giants like Watson and Crick who cracked the 3D structure of DNA at Cambridge University and who themselves owe their findings to Rosalind Franklind and Maurice Wilkins of Kings College to achieve what they did. Many supporters whose names will not go down in history (but should) also fought hard to make the genome project a reality and paved the way for political and private investment to support the project.

Nutrigenomics is now highly affordable today to anyone who wants to know their risk of disease and what they can do about it. What would have cost you a few billion dollars in the late 90’s can now be done for a few hundred dollars. This is simply staggering and should never be taken for granted.

Remember, knowledge is power and knowing your genetic vulnerabilities enables you to take action and change your destiny. As they say, genes load the gun but it is the environment that pulls the trigger and these environmental influences include diet and exercise which are well within your power to control in your lifetime, to suppress the genes that have a negative impact on an individual's lifespan. 

I will do my best to find medical risk for you and to help you navigate your way through this medical maze to find optimal health and hopefully a long life unburdened by disease for as long as possible.

I wish you the best of health and look forward to seeing you in consultation so that we can begin the journey towards your positive health outcomes.

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