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Optimizing Exercise

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You see it all the time in gyms, those individuals that go in there week in and week out with women spending untold hours on treadmills and steppers and men lifting heavy weights with little progress. There has been no earth shattering transformation of their bodies in spite of all this amazing and exhausting effort.

So what could be going wrong? As the saying goes, you will have a snowflakes chance in hell if you cannot tightly integrate your dietary intake to your exercise goals. There is an exquisite synergy between diet and exercise that needs to be understood at many levels for you to achieve the body of a God or Goddess. If you don’t know how lowering glycogen levels and increasing EPOC can be linked to amazing fat loss (provided you know what to do post-exercise), or if you are not sure how much protein you need to consume and at what intervals, to ensure amino acids are used for protein synthesis and not energy then this may be the reason why you may not be achieving the body you are after.

Shining bright briefly in life is not the objective but shining bright long after your 20’s is the goal of my programme. Food can damage or heal your body and we now know that high protein intakes in those under 65 years of age increase their cancer risk four-fold which is equivalent to you smoking around 20 cigarettes a day. Supplements such as L-Carnitine may be causing you long term damage as L-Carnitine can be converted to TMAO a significant risk for heart and vascular disease. My aim is to help you find that protein intake and supplement regimen appropriate for your needs and goals.

Look good at any age from teenage years to seniors to beyond 

There are performance-enhancing polymorphisms (PEPs) in your DNA that will determine how you will respond to certain exercises. The Angiotensin –I Converting Enzyme (ACE) gene plays a very important role in sporting prowess. What will your genetic study show? I can organize this genetic analysis and help guide you through this complex area of science. Genetic studies can fine-tune your exercise routine and the genetic analysis will reveal if you have the genes that will respond to certain types of exercise in terms of future cardiovascular risk or if you have the gene variant that paradoxically creates more fat when you lift heavy weights. My interest as well beyond the genetic assessment, is to so ensure you don’t have an underlying medical condition that may be hampering your efforts and so blood and other medical investigations, may be needed if your clinical history dictates this.

This approach is for an someone who wants a big-picture assessment by someone with medical qualifications from a world renowned medical school who has the skills and experience to know what is and is not significant in a medical sense. 

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