Ageing well

An integrative approach

The emerging force in medicine: Functional & Integrative Healthcare

How well you age and how long you survive, will depend on many factors and many of these will be well within your power to control.

Just slapping on an 50 SPF cream to your face, neck and ears will not only ensure a lower risk of skin cancers but will ensure you will look 10 – 15 years younger than your peers as you age. However, beyond this simple and self-evident piece of advice, is another important factor that needs to be understood and this is the impact food has on ageing and where every meal counts towards those wrinkles you will have as you age. After-eating or postprandial blood changes after meals kill all of us slowly meal-by-meal, but this inescapable effect of eating kills some of us faster than others and the reason is the variation in blood glucose and triglyceride levels and the dips in antioxidant levels and LDL oxidation that occurs after eating. The worse your diet, the worse these effects will be and the sooner you will die. This is an incontrovertible fact that has a huge amount of research to back it but the impact of this effect seems to be lost to those who love to simplify dietary effects because of the warm-fuzzy feeling that emanates from the thought of food.

If you suffer from insulin resistance or diabetes the multiplier effect of these after eating changes in your blood is enormous and it is a well know fact that diabetics age faster than those without this disease.

Knowing your genetic risk will also enable me to fine-tune dietary and exercise advice to enable you to live as long a life without the devastating effects of chronic illness and cancer.

My approach embraces the complexity involved in ageing and this approach is for someone who is willing to have their risk factors explored and willing to make the changes in diet and exercise to live that long life that is as disease-free as possible through their efforts and through scientific understanding and medical guidance.

This approach is for an someone who wants a big-picture assessment by someone with medical qualifications from a world renowned medical school who has the skills and experience to know what is and is not significant in a medical sense. 

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