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Innate Immunity

How the innate immune system functions

Innate Immunity Function & Importance

Toll-Like Receptors [TLRs]

Innate immunity is a multi-level system that is the most ancient of immunologic responses in vertebrates [and other organisms]. Adaptive immunity is much more recent on the evolutionary scale, found in jawed vertebrates and is complementary to the innate system. Adaptive immunity is called to action when organisms evade the innate systems' defenses.

It is said that because innate immunity has developed over millions of years, it is nearly flawless whereas biological mistakes occur with adaptive immunity.

This tutorial discusses how the innate immune system recognizes 'Pattern Associated Molecular Patterns' or PAMPs and how only 10 Toll-Like Receptors [TLRs] have the potential to recognize possibly billions of pathogens.

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