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Leptin Resistance

Leptin-fat mass-inflammation-crp


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Inflammation, CRP and Leptin Resistance

  • Leptin is an adipokine --- i.e. a hormone that is released from fat tissue.
  • As fat levels increase, so does the level of leptin telling the brain to decrease appetite as there is enough energy storage in the body [fat stores].
  • However, increasing adiposity leads to a vicious-cycle where the fat cells of the central abdomen produces inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-6 [IL6].
  • IL6 stimulates the production of CRP a protein marker of background inflammation in the body. CRP is a potent inhibitor of leptin.
  • CRP-Bound leptin cannot cross the Blood Brain Barrier [BBB] and as a result cannot suppress appetite21.
  • As a result hunger is increased leading to increased caloric intake, increased adiposity and thus increased IL6 and CRP production – the cycle continues.

Vitamin-D deficiency and Leptin Resistance

  • Vitamin-D is an important determinant of circulating leptin levels
  • Low Vit D levels interfere with the secretion of leptin from fat tissue and as a result there is decreased signalling to the brain to decrease appetite22. Hunger will prevail and food intake will increase as a result of Vit D deficiency.


Hormone & Hormone Metabolite References

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Hormone & Hormone Metabolite References