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My Research: Guidelines

Your due diligence process begins through this portal



It is important that you challenge everything you think you know. You need to verify any information you gather and to seek professional advice to see if your understanding and interpretation of the information is accurate and more importantly to see if the information can be applied to you as an individual with your own special medical background and needs.

This is an important and highly personal due diligence process and as such should be discussed with your general practitioner first and foremost. 

Building Partnerships

Patient - Doctor Team


Build a partnership with your doctor on your journey of nutritional understanding and quest for optimal health.

'My Research' is your portal for nutritional information enabling you to seek and document information relevant to you as an individual. Gather as much information as possible and then discuss this with your GP. You may need to give your GP some time to assess this data and just to make things that much easier for your GP, they have their own information portal called 'GP Resources'. This NutriDesk area has information aimed more at the professional and your GP will need to register to gain access to this worthwhile and informative portal.

Trusted Resources

It is important where you get your information from!


What is gathered here are a number of sources of information that are deemed to be reliable and trustworthy.

Validate information not just from one source but by gathering information from many sources.