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Ectomorph -Endomorph-Mesomorph

Body type classification

Does this determine your destiny?

Somatotypes: Do you have an ectomorphic, endomorphic or mesomorphic shape?

  • This is a theory developed in the 1940's by the Americal constitutional psychologist, William Herbert Sheldon, a theory that associated body types with human temperament.
  • The 3 somatotypes proposed corresponded to the 3 embryonic germ cell layers:

    The ectoderm
    - this layer forms the skin and nervous system 
    The endoderm - this layer develops into the digestive tract
    The mesoderm - this layer becomes muscle, heart and blood vessels
  • This idea of body shape or somatotype did not originate with Sheldon but may go back to Aristotole, Plato and Nietzsche.

Is your body somatotype fixed? Are you stuck with your body shape?

  • Your skeletal structure may be relatively fixed however other body composition aspects can dramatically change.
  • An endomorph with excess body fat can exercise and change their dietary habits and look more like an ectomorph or mesomorph with the right training techniques.
  • A mesomorph can lose muscle mass due to aging and lifestyle factors such as a poor diet and a lack of exercise and thus become more like an endomorph.
  • You may be genetically blessed or genetically cursed but what matters in the end is that you can modify the genetic cards you are dealt with by following a disciplined approach to diet and training as stipulated in NutriDesk.

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