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Zinc Taste Test

For Zinc Deficiency

Liquid Zinc Taste Test

Symptoms of zinc deficiency

  • Nearly 100 enzymes depend on zinc for their activity.
  • Zinc has an important role in the structure of proteins and cell membranes.
  • Zinc finger structures called zinc motifs stabilize proteins.
  • Poor taste, decreased wound healing, clouding of the corneas, low testosterone levels, decreased libido, poor sperm production.
  • In pregnant women, low zinc levels can lead to an increased risk of stretch marks, cracked nipples, and prolonged labour.

Liquid Zinc Taste Test --- Assessing for Zinc Deficiency

  1. Place 10 mL (about two teaspoons) of liquid zinc in your mouth.
  2. Hold the liquid zinc in your mouth for ten to fifteen seconds
  3. Now note how the liquid zinc tastes in your mouth.
  • Good Level --- If the zinc tastes bad, has a metallic taste or if your tongue feels fuzzy
  • Adequate Level --- if there is a strong taste that is not unpleasant and a little metallic with perhaps an intensification as time passes, then you have adequate levels
  • Poor Level ---Little taste at first but after 10 seconds you have a sweet taste or fuzzy sensation then you have a poor level of zinc
  • Extremely Low Level --- If you have no taste sensation at all --- the liquid tastes like water or is essentially tasteless then you have an extremely low level of zinc.

Safe levels